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How do you become a wolfhound owner?

Horses and dogs were inseparable part of me. Back in the day I had no idea that Irish Wolfhounds even exist. Then one day- during my time at the uni working part time job in England I saw one of them.
They had the Irish Wolfhound at the farm close by the place I worked. He just stood there behind the fence and looked at me. Those eyes were unforgettable. It was love at the first sight!
It took 11 long years until my dream became true. It all started in 2002 when I bought our first bitch Casidy ray from a kennel Kilfane.
Chovateľská stanica Irish Wolfhound CASIDY RAY

You are never going to stick with just one

With Irish Wolfhound there is unwritten saying that you will never own just one, so in 2004 we welcomed 8 months old bitch named Lajla/Pluirean von Schloss Neuschwanstein.

Our Team

Since it was not enough, in 2007 we got a male named Agan z Vahamské smečky. From our second litters we kept Brave Casidy ray.  This whole group would not be complete without Tina who was a mix and we can’t forget our little papilon. This is how it all started and the numbers of dogs are slowly changing over the years, but the truth is, there will never be just one Irish Wolfhound in our house.
They say whoever had Irish Wolfhound at home will not want any other breed anymore. They are not just dogs, they are amazing companions. They love kids and kids love them as well. They are always full of surprises.  When you thought you have been through everything with them, they can always surprise you with something. 
Our dogs live with us – that means they are everywhere. We are attending dog shows and coursings as well. We are enjoying ever moment together. As a breeder it’s very important for me to focus on health and keeping the greyhound nature in Irish Wolfhound, which includes the hunting as well.  Welcome to our web page and hope you will have some nice time here. 

Pavlína Polčičová

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