Casidy ray

Irish wolfhound

Dharma Dew

Casidy ray
Mother of Litter “H” Casidy ray   *5.3.2014 – †21.12.2020 Sire: Quinhunt´s Nantang Nikanu Dam: C.I.B Eclipse Flintstone, JChSK, ChSK, GrandChSK, ChCro


C.I.B. Champion
Austria Champion
Crotia Champion
Slovak Champion
Grand Champion SK
Junior ChSK, Puppy ChSK
Coursing Winner 2016
Sports Winner RHS 2016
Coursing Champion of Slovakia 2016, 2017
Winner for beauty and performance 2016, 2017
Dharma Dew Casidy ray

About Dharma

She was exactly the way as is Irish Wolfhound expected to be- loving,  cuddling hunter and leader of a pack – alfa female. She carries a lot from her mother. She loves running and hunting but we have also the same connection between her and me, because if she could, she would breath for me. 
About Dharma

Born as a last puppy from litter

But definitely not smallest. She always had to be first everywhere. She was so curious and wanted to discover everything. I couldn’t decide between her and one another puppy but thanks to my 6th sense I made the right choice. 

Dharma loves dog shows

And coursing and she is also teaching this the younger ones in our home. She is my shadow, my partner, my soul mate. We just look at each other and we know right away. 
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