Casidy ray

Irish wolfhound


Casidy ray

Father of Litter “A” Magnus Cor

*4.3.2015 – ✝︎24.04.2023

Sire: C.I.B Green Clover Gary Owen, CHF
Dam: C.I.B Eclipse Flintstone, JCHSK, CHSK, GrandCHSK, CHCro


Eragon Casidy ray

Slovak Grand Champion
Slovak Champion
Slovak Junior Champion

Eragon Casidy ray
Eragon Casidy ray
2017 Eragon Casidy ray s handlerkou
Eragon Casidy ray


He is the last male. According to his date of birth he is adult but in reality he is just a baby. His arriving to this world was hard and I didn’t plan keeping a male dog but faith wanted it differently. 

About Eragon

When he was born

We lost his mother Easy and from 9 puppies we ended up saving only him and one of his sisters. After all of this I decided it was too hard to sell him and he is returning me the feeling of thankfulness every day. 

Eragon grew up into a dog with impressive high, chest size and elegant movement. 

Amazing guy

Despite him breaking two teeth when he was a puppy, he still got “excellent” on the shows. 

He will still be our big teddy bear. Good guy with huge heart and the look in his eyes that is inimitable and unforgettable. 

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