Casidy ray

Irish wolfhound

Litter “I”

Casidy ray litter "I"
All our puppie was chiped, vaccinated and succesfully passed the litter check. There was taken samples for DNA profile.
At the age of 8 weeks they was liver shunt tested and all absolutly clear. Finaly they went to the new famillies.
Gren boy: Isaac, owner Zarja Gošnik (Sl)
Blue boy: Ian, owner Marisa Muller (A)
Purple boy: Irving, owner Claudia Bein, (A)
Red boy: Ialonus, owner Kristína Packová (Sk) Light blue boy: Is mé Bran, owner Alice Lubelcová (Cz)
Pink girl: Imogen Flintstone, owner Jana Mullerová (Cz)
Orange girl: Incredible me, owner Robert Chalas (Sk)
Yellow girl: Imany, owner Nataša Mikulová (Sk) White girl: Isabeau d´Anjou, owner Zuzana Černoková (Sk)
6th. July 2020 was finaly born 9 new wonderfull creations. 5 boys and 4 girls. The born weight was between 520-505 grams and all are doing well. Mum is feeding them enough so now they just need to grow …

Let me introduce our upcoming litter “I” in July 2020.
We did it despite the corona quarantine and kids are on the way.
They also survived smuggling across borders in a polystyrene box.


DNA and heart exam

Gawain Flinstone


DNA and heart exam

Gingerbread Casidy ray

Už sa nám to pomaly blíži a ostáva nám posledný tyždeň. Ginger už si zvyká na pôrodnú debňu. Tehotenstvo zvláda úplne bez problémov.

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