Casidy ray

Irish wolfhound

Run free

Pavlína a Garden Lady

New star appeared in the sky today and my heart is broken into million pieces.

Fly my little girl, run free and without pain, as you have loved to do all your life. I thank you for every single day, for your friendship, for your infinite kindness to all living things, for your goodness and the incredible trust you had in me. Whatever I came up with, you went with me without the slightest hesitation. We sailed through La Manche together and swam in the waters of the Atlantic on the French coast… We experienced a lot together and no one will ever take those memories away from me.

Farewell my soulmate and wait for me there, I will find you there when the time comes…

Garden Lady Casidy ray
* 9.5.2016  – ✝︎ 26.6.2023

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