Casidy ray

Irish wolfhound


Casidy ray
*11.09.2018 Died:  19.9.2015 infectious pneumonia Sire: C.I.B Cezaro Mezi kamarády Dam: C.I.B Pluirean von Schloss Neuschwanstein Mother of litter “C” Casidy ray


Brave Casidy ray
Brave Casidy ray
C.I.B. Champion
C.I.B.P. Champion
Austria Champion
Crotia Champion
Czech Champion
Hungary Champion
Slovak Champion
Grand Champion SK
Junior ChSK, Puppy ChSK
Club Champion
International working certificate
International Winner Beauty and Performance
Brave Casidy ray
Brave Casidy ray
Brave Casidy ray
Brave Casidy ray

About Brave

Brave a.k.a. Buba, she was like half of me. She was my first own puppy that stayed at home. . She was the only girl between boys. When Brave was born she was the smallest from all of them and she had to fight her privilege to be on this world.

She was unbelievable fighter

My instinct didn’t fail and she grow up into an amazing being. She was friendly and stable wherever she went with me (mostly without leash). Our connection was able to feel. She always knew what I am thinking and what I am feeling and the other way around. She loved dog shows and coursing. She was such a fighter.

Dog shows

When she was just two and a half year old she got  C.I.B titlemand championships  in 4 countries. She achieved lots of CAC, CACIB, BOB and also BIG awards. Even though she enjoyed hunting and coursings the most. Brave was my dream come true. She was doing great at the shows but also in coursings. She let me feel the pride. I was so proud when I was standing on the podium in a first place with my own dog. 
Brave Casidy ray

irst Irish Wolfhound in Slovakia

9 weeks after delivery she ended up with the “excellent” at WDS in Salzburg. In 2012 she finished the international work certificate. She was the first Irish Wolfhound in Slovakia who got this certificate but also received title C.I.B.P. (International Champion for Beauty and Performance) as a first Irish Wolfhound in Europe. 

Her Puppies

Puppies carried after her massive skeleton but also easy movement but most importantly her friendly nature. Now I can see that she handed over the qualities to another generations. Her daughter Candy won in her career 43 BOB awards and her granddaughter Garden and Gingerbread are successfully following her. No matter if it’s a dog show or a coursing. 

Feeling helpless

Even thou she was a fighter, she lost the battle with human stupidity. Some people are willing to do anything for the title, even if it means coming to dog show with a sick dog. Infect pneumonia is an illness we brought home from one of the dog show. She lost the battle and I am not able to forget that feeling of helplessness. 
Brave Casidy ray
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