Casidy ray

Irish wolfhound

European Dog Show Budapest

28.12. - 30.12.2021 Európska výstava psov Budapešť

28.12. – 30.12.2021 European Dog Show Budapest

We finished this year with few show days in Budapest. There were international dog show, European dog show and sighthound club show.

28.12.20121 IDS Grand Prix Budapest:
Judge: Gerard Jipping
CHANTAL Casidy ray open class: Ex. 1, CAC, CACIB, Grand Prix Winner, BOS

29.12.2021 European Dog Show:
Judge: Csilla Juhász IALONUS Casidy ray, Intermediate class: Ex. 3
CHANTAL Casidy ray, open class: Ex. 2, R-CAC
CHERYL Casidy ray, champion class: Ex. 2, R-CAC 30.12.2021

Sighthound Club Show
CHANTAL Casidy ray, open class: Ex 1, CAC.

I’m very happy with all this results. We finished this show season 2021 with dignity.

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