Casidy ray

Irish wolfhound

Specialty Show KCHCH

Najkrajšia chovateľská skupina

26.2.2022 start this year show season with Sighthound Specialty show Pezinok.
We spent really great time with friends at this wonderful event. 6 members of Casidy ray family met at one place.

Ialonus Casidy ray, intermediate class: Ex.1, CAC and he is now Stud male.
Incredible me Casidy ray, intermediate class: Ex.4 and she is now Brood female.
Isabeau D´ Anjou Casidy ray, open class: Ex.1, CAC.
Hanah Casidy ray, open class: Ex.2, R-CAC.
Chantal Casidy ray, champion class: Ex.1, CAC.
Cheryl Casidy ray, honour class: Ex.1
Ialonus s Cheryl won res-BIS in Best couple competition.
Ialonus, Cheryl and Isabeau – 1st place in Best breeders group competition. 

Thank to all members of our 4 legs family for support and representation. I’m extremly proud of them.

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