Casidy ray

Irish wolfhound

FIWC congres 2022

Cheryl Casidy ray FIWC 2022 - Svetový kongres vlkodavov

7.- 10.7 2022. In great place of Golf resort Konopiste near Prague  met again breeders and owner of our wonderful breed from all ower the world.

It happened after 4 years long covid break so we were looking forward to it a lot. As official delegate of Slovakia at first I was at meeting of delegate in Thursday , than in Friday everythin continued with FIWC congres – there anybody could entered and listen an excelent lessons about IW health and breeding.  And at the end Saturday and Sunday was FIWC and WDK CZ  club shows.

I took with me Hope and Cheryl  and despite the bad weather in Saturday we enjoyed it a lot. Cheryl in champion class at FIWC show got very good and Hope in honor class was excelent 4.

Sunday at WDK show was only Hope in honor class and got excelent 4. 

From Nedtherland came Petra Dole with Che Casidy ray and he got very good in FIWC show and excelent  4 in WDK club show in open class. 

I´m happy and proud to all my “kids” and hope see all our friend again in 2024 az next congress in Nederland.

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