Casidy ray

Irish wolfhound

FIWC Congress 2024 in Godollo, Hungary

The World Congress FIWC 2024 took place in the Hungarian town of Godollo from May 30th to June 2nd, 2024. This prestigious event is held every 2 years, and as a delegate for Slovakia, I had the opportunity to attend the council meeting on Thursday, where conditions for other countries to enter the FIWC council, the new breed standard, and the need for breeding supervision according to the standard to preserve the breed type were discussed.

On Friday, the congress took place, which was accessible to all participants. The congress was opened by FCI President Dr. Tamás Jakkel, and subsequently, we had the opportunity to listen to six lectures focusing on the breed standard, microbiology in dog breeding, and gradual mental and cognitive changes in the aging process of dogs. An interesting lecture was also given on how dogs actually see and perceive the world around them.

On Saturday, the MAFE & FIWC exhibition took place. Our breeding station had three representatives there, and we did not get lost in the competition at all.

Earagail Varden Casidy ray, middle class: Exc.2, R-CAC (Judge Jim Behan, IRL).
Josephine Casidy ray, owner Anita Pongrátz, young class: Good (Judge Jozef Das, B)/
Chantal Casidy ray, owner Bettina Ács, champion class: Exc. 3 (Judge Jim Behan, IRL)/

On Sunday, the MAFE & MAGFE – Sisi memorial club exhibition took place.

Earagail Vareden Casidy ray, middle class: Exc.1, CAC (Judge Jozef Das, B).
Josephine Casidy ray, young class: VD (Judge Tamás Jakkel, HU).
Chantal Casidy ray, champion class: Excellent (Judge Pernille Monberg, DK).

Part of the whole event is always the ‘garden party’ and gala evening. We enjoyed this along with a great program featuring horseback riders – Hungarian csikós and Puszta riders.

Although the exhibition venue was very unconventional and not the most dignified – in the middle of a city park between busy intersections. The organisation compared to the previous congress in the Czech Republic had significant gaps, it was nice to meet like-minded friends from around the world.

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