Casidy ray

Irish wolfhound

Litter “J”

16.7.2023 our litter “J” was born.
5 boys and 2 girls were born. Cheryl takes great care and managed the birth with flying colors despite the extreme heat.


At the age 9 weeks was all puppies tested for shunt and all was clear. Official control of the litter went well and everything was found great. This time all puppies stay in SLovakia so I will meet and see them very often.

Jolly Joker: Paulinka Skotnická, Bytča
Jeremiah: Libuša Rybanská
Jareth: Zuzana Monosi a Peter Domény
Jaws: Ivan Dvořák
Jasper: Michaela Ďurdínová
Jessie Jane: Monika Šeďová
Josephine: Anita Pongrácz Szalay.

The puppies were born on 16.7.2023. It all started at 3 a.m. when Cheryl started to march around the apartment and rummage through the maternity ward, The first boy was born at 4.15 a.m. with a birth weight of 475 g and got a blue collar, as the first male. And then our Cheryl took a break and left us in suspense. At 8.10 a female was born with a weight of 680 g, she got a red collar and Cheryl was a little bit embarrassed before she was born. And then it was on. 8.30 green boy 620g, 9.15 brown boy 545g, 10.30 dark green male 588g, 11.05 finally pink girl 615g and last 12.30 purple boy with weight 520g. His arrival into the world was not easy, he came nicely in a wrapper but he was not breathing, luckily after a short resuscitation he breathed and since then he is a brave fighter and is not lagging behind the others in anything.

The puppies already have names and are doing beautifully. They like to eat and Cheryl is able to breastfeed them without any problems. She is a great and patient mother.

Blue: Jolly Joker
Red: Jessie Jane
Green: Jareth
Brown: Jeremiah
Dark green: Jaws
Pink: Josephine
Violet: Jasper

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