Casidy ray

Irish wolfhound


Earagail Varden Casidy ray


Breeder: Geneviev Gaeng (BE)

Otec: Fionnlagh Farrell Casidy ray

Matka: Vi’ya Victoria Legenda Imladris



Romania Beauty Champion
Slovak Junior Champion
Serbia Junior Champion
Hungarian Junior Champion


About Varden

This small miracle was born 3th. November 2022 and this was last litter of my Farrel, what will be 8 years old soon. For me it means return to my old original blood. 

About Varden

I brought him

to our house in March 2023, exactly on my birthday. He was the best birthday present ever. Despite the fact, that he came at age 5 months, he emmediately fit in to the pack. He is our smiling “jester”, who is still in the good mood, not afraid of anything and no new situation is a problem for him. 

He is friend

with everybody and as I gradually find out with any animals.

Varden in Celtic language means Guardian, I choose this name for him and he came to our family to guard us.

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