Casidy ray

Irish wolfhound


Mother of Litter „D and „E“ Casidy ray

*23.4.2011 – ✝︎ 4.3.2015

Sire: Easy Runner Eoghan
Dam: Darkness Flintstone
Breeder: Jana Mullerová



Eclipse Flintstone
Eclipse Flintstone

C.I.B. Champion
Crotia Champion
Slovak Champion
Grand Champion SK
Junior ChSK

Eclipse Flintstone
Eclipse Flintstone
Eclipse Flintstone
Eclipse Flintstone

About Eclipse

Eclipse a.k.a. Easy. The reason she was with us is Eva Voborníková. I remember when we were talking and I just mentioned I miss “something dark” at our home after Casidy left. She mention Jana Müller and her interesting puppies. I just called her and I somehow ended up going to visit, and just like that Easy became part of our family. Technically we actually brought piece of Casidy in her. Grandmother of Easy was Ginevra Norman and her sister Gwendolin Norman was Casidy’s mother. 

About Eclipse

Unbelievable runner

She became a champion of Croatia when she was just 15 months old. As 18 months old she had coursing license and showed me that waiting for a dog in the middle of the woods for at least 30 minutes is no big deal. She was unbelievable runner. I remember when we went to a special show organized by Edita Bérešová where was 88 Irish Wolfhounds and she actually won a price for the most beautiful movement.

She forced the hug

Despite but also because of her active life she has the nature of a dog you can not be mad at. She always came to me and lied down on me like she is hugging me only to make sure I am not mad at her. This is the same thing her daughter Dharma is doing. 

Eclipse Flintstone
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She loved running and coursing

We were looking for her in the woods for more than 2 hours until she was just sitting in front of our house waiting for us. She looked at me like “mommy what’s going on, I just went for a run”. My friends just got used to my calls when we all went to the forest to find her. It didn’t matter if it was hot summer day or cold winter with a snow, she always returned safely to me.

In memory of her

Even thou when she had her first puppies and everything went smooth, we lost her when she had her second litter. She gave us Eragon but we lost her. Every leaving hurts but this one was different. She was too young and had her whole life in front of her. She left a memory of her  in my Dharma and Eragon…

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